Reverse Image Search

Upload an image, enter a URL OR search by keyword in the space provided, then click "search."

How To Reverse Image Search?

Reverse image search gives our users three options to find similar images in a variety of ways, including direct uploading, via the image's URL, or by searching for them using specific keywords. The user can quickly find similar images and their sources with the help of reverse image search tool.

So, let us tell you how to do a reverse image search, and it is a piece of cake! The three-click process requires you to upload the image-whether directly, or through a URL, or by using keywords. After that, you are required to click on the reverse image search button, and the results are generated. Our search by image tool provides the results of three search engines that allowed users to search similar images from Google, Bing, and Yandex. The user can then check out the results from these search engines.

How The Reverse Image Search Works?

The reverse image search operates in the same way as a standard search engine. Just as a regular Google image search uses keywords, the user can upload the image in the search bar. The image reverse search engine then runs a program through Google Images search to look for images that are similar to the original and match the image's content and object. After that, it gives out the results along with the source of matched images.

In technical terms, the working of a reverse image search is called "Content-based Image Retrieval(CBIR) which also includes query based image content (QBIC) and content-based visual information retrieval (CBVIR)." In this method, the search engine works by retrieving the content of the images. That means the reverse lookup engine will analyse the colours and shapes used in the images. So the results that come out are always similar to the image being searched for via photo search.

Features Of Reverse Image Search

Reverse Image search has a number of features that benefit our users in various ways.


Learn About The Objects

Finding specific objects in an image is incredibly easy with reverse image search. Just upload the image, and the tool will analyse it and provide a list of comparable pictures with the same content. The person, place, and products in the image can then be identified easily.


Find Similar Images

Likely, Finding similar images is one of CopyChecker's many useful features. The user can upload any image and use our tool to search for the objects in images that match. The Google image lookup tool examines each object in the image being uploaded and looks for similar content in other pictures that are currently on the internet. The user can then use a variety of matching images they have available.


Find The Image's Original Source

You may be able to track down the image's original owner by using a reverse image search. By uploading any image, the image search tool will display the location of the image's original source. You can discover the original source of the image in this manner.


It Gives Access To Backlinks

We can access the backlinks as well thanks to the free reverse image search. The user can quickly determine whether or not the sources have attached backlinks to the images. With search by photo, users can now discover the backlinks to the images.


Find Who Is Using Your Photos

Anyone can discover an image that is being used online by using reverse image search. Our reverse photo lookup lists sources and gives links to where the image is used. In this situation, a user can get in touch with the host directly and ask to give them credit.


Identify Fake Accounts

Ohh, you got a pretty face, the next major usage of reverse image search is for you to identify fake accounts. You can upload the image and find other accounts that are using your photos. There, you can identify and report fraudulent accounts. In this way, reverse image search helps in getting rid of fake accounts that are using your images.


Find Out Who Is In The Image

Knowing what is in the image is the next feature that reverse image lookup offers. With the help of other similar objects, this free reverse image search tool can match the object in the image. The user can therefore use this tool to identify the people in the image.


Find Plagiarised Images

If someone uses your hard work without your consent, it becomes outrageous. However, in this situation, a reverse image search tool can assist you in discovering who is using your images. Simply search for the picture you own, and the tool will show sources where the picture is being used. Then you can take ownership of your photos and ask to link to your Profile page.

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