Privacy Policy
Our Privacy Policy attempts to serve individuals concerned with the usage of their personal and identifiable information. In this regard, the focus of policy is on information called “Personal Identifiable Information” which under U.S privacy law is information collected to identify, find, and contact any concerned person in context. Therefore, we advise our users to carefully read the privacy policy in order to have a clear understanding of usage of personal identifiable information on websites.
What Information do we collect from our users under personal identifiable information?
We will always remain committed to providing our users with a personalised experience. Hence, we collect some data that includes names, email addresses (for confirmation and sharing news) and a little more knowledge of our users. This information may also be used to recover lost accounts of users.
When do we gather data?
The information is mainly collected from our users at the time of registration or subscription of services. However, most of the services do not require any subscription from users. In this case, there is no information collection, and the only information available to us is through Internet Service Providers or that is sent by the user's device directly.
How do we use your information?

We may use the information we collect from you when you register, make a purchase, sign up for our newsletter, respond to a survey or marketing communication, surf the website, or use certain other site features in the following ways:

As mentioned above, the user’s information is collected through subscription of services or through Internet Providing Services or through the user's device. This information is utilised for following purposes.

  1. 1. For the purpose of optimising user’s experience and to offer services in which user is most interested
  2. 2. For the purpose of optimising our website and its contents
  3. 3. For better management of user responses and their complaints
  4. 4. For getting ratings and customer reviews
  5. 5. To keep following users after successful service delivery
How do we protect your information?
It is one of our top priorities to keep our users' information safe and secure. We keep the data with us and, in no case, we share it with a third party. For that, we have taken extensive measures that ensure a safe and reliable database. However, the company can share non-personalized details—that excludes anything related to user profiles—with businesses for marketing.
Do we use 'Cookies'?
Yes, cookies are part of the company's policy as they help us gather some data about our users. Cookies work as small files that get transferred to the system after getting permission and collect details like a user's activity and on-site clicks. This helps us to understand our user preferences and enhances our service delivery. Cookies also help us perform statistical analysis on user on-site activities and time spent on the website.
Cookies are for
  1. 1. Helps in dealing with items in shopping cart
  2. 2. Helps in optimising web page for user’s preference for future visits
  3. 3. Helps in managing advertisements
Third-party disclosure
There are no third party disclosures of personal identifiable data on our website. If there happens to be a case of data sharing, the users are notified in advance. However, this excludes data sharing to third parties working for website operations i.e website hosting partners and others. Likewise, the website reserves this right to share information according to laws, site policies or for user’s safety.
In order to promote business, the website can host third party services on web pages. This may be to promote other products as well. In this case, the users are asked to review the privacy policy of these third party sites as they have their own privacy policy, and the company is not responsible or liable for any activity of these third-party links. Nevertheless, the aim is to protect the integrity of the website.