March 2, 2023
15 Surprising Ways ChatGPT Can Change Your Life
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Richard Wu
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ChatGPT is genuinely changing the way we create things. It is now taking the role of many human minds that are out there working.

But what are the actual uses of ChatGPT in our lives?

We asked a techpreneur, Samuel, about it. Samuel is a 2020 MIT college grad who has been using ChatGPT since its release.

We asked him to share some cool features and uses of it that anyone can get.

See what he has answered!

Moving on to explain the uses of ChatGPT, we ask Samuel to answer its number one feature.

“The best and the most revolutionising part of ChatGPT is that it will replace Google and search engines in every way possible. The whole Internet will change that people do not have to visit and read long webpages to get their answers. All they need is to ask a chat bot and it will answer on its own precisely. That’s the power of AI.” Samuel.

Can you further explain this use case? We ask him:

“look at the response when I asked it ‘How to Change a Flat Tyre.’”

Replacing google search.jpeg

Now there is no need to visit any webpage or watch any YouTube video or tutorial. Just ask it, and it will give you a complete tutorial. That’s how it will replace the old pattern of search engines.

2. Constructing Regex

“You can construct a complete Regex with the help of ChatGPT,” Says Samuel.

It is a great way to quickly generate Regex for text documents, emails, and other documents.

For example,

As you want to parse a document, you only need to put the text document into the ChatGPT. The tool will generate a regex based on the text.

Construct Regex_1

Then, the code to match all phone numbers (if there are any) in the document:

Construct Regex_2

Then, if there are URLs in the text, the ChatGPT offers a code to save you time.

Construct Regex_3.jpeg

This way, you save much time and effort while working to create a regex.

3. Create Automation

Everyone in today’s world needs automation. Everyone wants to remove or lessen their burden, which is possible through automation.

So for automation, ChatGPT is proving a healthy addition for all the tech entrepreneurs working out there.

“ChatGPT can work to automate your complete digital profile. It asks you a simple question: what code do you want? … It gets done.” Samuel Shows

For instance, you are working to build a link-building campaign for your business. Typically the first process is to collect the URL to mail, then mention the first and last names of the people you want to contact, and then you need to find their emails. After that, you need help from safari or chrome extension to write a script that connects email finding.

But ChatGPT gets done in a few seconds. All it requires is three steps which are given below:

  • Copy and paste the code, save the file, and return it to Google sheets.

  • After that, open the email column, type in find the email, then click on the first name, last name, and domain.

  • Press enter after that.

Just as you can see in the given Gif:


Source: ahrefs

For instance, you are looking for a code for web crawling written by ChatGPT. You can use ChatGPT to code for several other purposes, including web scraping and automation. It is the second prominent feature of ChatGPT that anyone can use.

4. Write Quick Snippets of Codes

To all those coders out there who are struggling with generating multiple codes; and often fail, ChatGPT can do their job well.

“It is capable of developing software, websites or even a game.” Says Samuel.

What is the quality of the code? I asked him to generate one for us.

Here he asked ChatGPT to create an HTML code.

Write quick snippest of code.jpeg

As the quality of the code is up to the mark, It is like some professional is coding for a firm.

You can take the help of ChatGPT to perform many other tasks, including generating code for data analysis, mining, and sorting.

It is another use case of ChatGPT for digital products with just a single task.

5. Writing Click-worthy Titles

The subsequent usage of ChatGPT is to make it write catchy titles.

Writing Click-worthy Titles.jpeg

“In our firm, we asked our employees to generate catchy titles for our YouTube videos. Then we asked the same amount of titles from the AI bot ChatGPT, to do the task. To our surprise, the bot actually created more premium responses than our employees.” Samuel

He showed a live example of it.

Writing Click-worthy Titles_1.jpeg

It shows that ChatGPT can do many tasks in a better way than humans can. Asking it to generate thumbnails is one of them.

6. Create Quick Outlines

Content outline is another use case of ChatGPT. Most marketers know it takes a lot of effort to generate a proper blog post outline. You need to read many articles and then draw down their main points to write an outline.

Whereas ChatGPT can do this in less than a minute.

We asked our tech entrepreneur to show us how he wrote the outline of his blog post through ChatGPT.

Create Quick Outlines

As you can see, the tool has generated a complete blog outline. It has covered all the sections, including the introduction, body paragraph, and conclusion; however, there is a problem you can see through headings H2 that could be more varied. It is how the bot creates a complete outline of a blog.

7. Suggest Seed Keywords

Seed keywords are an essential part of content creation. It takes a lot of effort to generate saved words that fit right in the content.

Perhaps ChatGPT is capable enough to find the best seed words for the Content.

Suggest seed keywords

You can use chatGPT to find saved words for linear content. You can also use it for complex content, including white papers, e-books, and legal drafts.

8. Creating Short-form Content

One of the best use cases of ChatGPT is to create short-form content like social media posts, emails, marketing brochures, and other sales products.

“It has taken the job of content creators and turned them into content managers, with the ability to handle a mass amount of content. This is another use case of ChatGPT”. Samuel told.

9. Proofread

“ChatGPT has also filled up the space of content editors in our team. All you need is to paste the content in the search section and ask the bot to edit it and proofread all the mistakes.” Samuel claimed.


The bot is capable enough to remove grammar errors, Content typos, and syntax errors and even change sentence structures to match the context. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can even ask it to write the content as a particular writer.

See how it changed the text to Robin Sharma's writing style.


10. Rewriting Sentences

One of the main features of ChatGPT in content writing is that it helps you write content in any format. With its help, you can write conversational documents, descriptive format blogs, or even stories for any genre.

Other than that, you can write a given document in the style of any famous author.

For instance,

If you command the bot to write the given text in the style of the famous author, Robin Sharma, it will make that document in his style.

You can see for yourself:


11. Getting Hands-on Analytics

With the help of ChatGPT, data scientist can increase their productivity by organizing initiatives, removing and troubleshooting coding errors, and increasing their understanding of data metrics.

We asked Samuel to address this question with the help of a question, “How to Troubleshoot a complete database?”

Getting Hands-on Analytics.jpeg

So ChatGPT can help develop good data metrics and comprehensively understand the systems.

12. Replacing Virtual Assistants

ChatGPT has become the talk of the town! This language model has been taught to deliver human-like responses, making it an ideal option for developing customer care chatbots and virtual assistants.

13. Translator

ChatGPT is capable enough to translate any of the languages worldwide. Samuel said that even if you ask for a script from an anime, the bot can also explain that.


14. Helping in Data Structuring

One of ChatGPT's most underrated capabilities is its ability to turn unstructured data into structured data. This feature is handy for extracting meaningful information from text, such as entity extraction.

15. Write SQL Queries

A data scientist had to remember all the SQL queries and their use cases back then. But with the help of charity PT, they can write several queries IN A SINGLE sentence.

“Take a look,” said Samuel.

Write SQL Queries.jpeg

The Not-So-Good Areas of ChatGPT

ChatGPT can do many tasks involving a tremendous amount of information and analysis. However, there are many tasks in which the bot performed less than expected or underperformed what was required.

We ask Samuel to address these areas where ChatGPT is limited in its responses.

Hear what he said.

○ Problem With Content Creation

“One of the main problems with the ChatGPT is that it operates by condensing lots of information that is already available on the Internet. It collects the information, condenses it, and forms responses which are already on the internet. But that is not the creation of original and authentic content. it’s coping.” Samuel

Problem With Content Creation.jpeg

We must consider the business worth of ChatGPT even though it can produce hundreds of duplicate articles in hours. So, we cannot have unlimited articles, blogs, or journals, just like any articles on the internet.

“The room for innovation is lacking with the Bot.”

Moving on,

“The goal of SEO is to attract new clients to your company. What's the use of having high-ranking AI-generated content if it doesn't engage your target audience or lead to conversions?" Samuel explains further.

ChatGPT is insufficient for producing original content from subject matter experts. Your material must show knowledge and creativity to rank well on Google, which ChatGPT needs to do.

Also, your material must be distinct from the competition. ChatGPT can produce generic content that has already been produced by everyone else. You must include personal viewpoints, original data, and quotes from industry experts to make your material valuable.


Using ChatGPT to create material can also be risky because it may lead to plagiarism.

“Other than that, ChatGPT cannot create premium quality content because it cannot produce expertise, originality, and experience in its writing. Since it summarises the information already on the Internet, it cannot generate new information, which is crucial for the success of any content. Google calls it the E-E-A-T principle.” Samuel

The third major problem with the bot is that it can produce content full of plagiarism. Therefore, it alone cannot be trusted to produce premium quality content.

○ Search Intent Issue

“ChatGPT cannot be trusted to do credible research and analysis on intent. The same view is shared by many top SEO specialists around the world.” Samuel addressed Search Intent.

As a result, it's always better to approach this cautiously and conduct your investigation.

He further said, “ChatGPT is limited in the information available. Its current database is based on information existing for the year 2021. Anything beyond that, the bot does not know that. For instance, when we searched about COVID-19 in the year 2022, or when we asked about the Ukraine war, the bot failed to answer any query. Therefore relying on it for search intent may not be a viable choice.”

So the lesson learned for intent and analysis is that you must keep in mind the limitations of ChatGPT. You can ask about generating new ideas, outlines, or even keyword research, but remember that the information may not be valid. Hence, the need to double-check the information and human intervention is always an essential factor in getting accurate and up-to-date information.

○ Problem with Keywords Research

People use tools like ahref, google keyword explorer, and many other professional tools for keyword analysis. Some of them also use ChatGPT for this purpose.

We ask Samuel to give his opinion about keyword research and ChatGPT's response.

“In my opinion ChatGPT cannot perform well-rounded keyword research against a query. The reason being keyword research is dependent on multiple factors that includes competition, backlinks, and the content available on top ranking pages on Google. ChatGPT today is unable to do this type of research.” Samuel


Unfortunately, ChatGPT cannot have unlimited abilities in terms of keyword research.

○ Problems with Local SEO

Like keyword research, ChatGPT has limited access to developing local SEO. The developer cannot rely solely on the bot to do the job. It will always need human help that can resolve issues of local SEO. is an online tool that offers unlimited access to plagiarism checking, reverse image search, PDF editor, and other SEO tools for Free!


All in all, ChatGPT has done a tremendous job by providing a comprehensive use case. It is continuously changing, evolving, and improving, making it one of the best inventions ever. We see many of its limitations today, but that won’t be the case we see in the future.