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Steps To Check Plagiarism With Our Tool

Our tool works in three simple steps

Paste the content

Copy and paste your content into the given section and hit the check button.

Click Check Plaigiarism

Wait for a few seconds and let us run your content through billions of web pages on the internet. The tool will crosscheck your content through a deep search and find similarities in already available content.

Final Results

After evaluating your content, you will have a detailed report of similarities found in your content. You can view it by clicking on the button.

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Why Is a Plagiarism Checker Important?

Plagiarism is an important part of content creation. It is seen as a sign of intellectual honesty and the ethics of publishing. If anyone is caught breaking this rule, they may face charges of copyright infringement and digital plagiarism. It can also lead to a loss of credibility and the reliability of users - which is key. So, if any business loses the trust of its users, the platform will lose credibility. It is important to consider plagiarism as central to digital standing.

Taking this further, the plagiarism checker tool is important as it allows you to check whether the content is already published or not. Is the information required by the public or not? With this information, you can upload original content that answers the queries of users and drives traffic to your website. If someone copies your content, you can also get an idea of it through the plagiarism checker report, and after that, you can take legal action against them. Through this, having an idea of our plagiarism checker tool can serve a lot of purposes.

Why Use CopyChecker?

Sometimes it becomes difficult for content creators (authors, writers, researchers, students, freelancers, bloggers, social media managers, etc.) to get ideas. They fail to make their point and meet their readers' expectations. As a result, they resort to copying someone else’s work—some lines or passages. This usually happens without proper citation, making it a problem of plagiarism. So, at this point, it becomes necessary to use an authentic online plagiarism checker tool that not only finds the similarity index accurately but also advises the writer to change, alter, or cite the sources from which he/she has taken the content.

CopyChecker is a 100% free online plagiarism checker and plagiarism detector. Our tool is available with unlimited access to check plagiarism for free, and it works perfectly on any content, including blog posts, journals, research papers, website content, term papers, landing pages, and even email newsletters. Along with this, CopyChecker respects the privacy of its users. Our tool does not save any type of data from the user and generates reports for one-time use only. Thus, the users can upload the data without having any concern regarding the security and privacy of their data. So, become our user for hassle-free best online plagiarism checking.

Features Of Copy Checker

CopyChecker’s plagiarism checker tool is equipped with features that help a user in multiple ways. Nonetheless, it outperforms every market competition.


Authentic and Reliable

Looking for an authentic and reliable free plagiarism checker for your reports and assignments? can meet your needs. CopyChecker analyses billions of websites and copyright paperwork to determine whether a piece of content has been plagiarised or not. It reveals the origin of materials by detecting new and original articles available on the internet.


Quick and Hassle-Free

CopyChecker’s plagiarism checker is easy, reliable, and hassle-free. It only takes three steps to have a complete plagiarism report on your content. Within seconds, our plagiarism detector tool researches through billions of web pages and provides an accuracy of more than 95% in its report. Not only this, our tool is based on a user-friendly interface. The interface allows any new user to navigate and use the tool effectively with little to no effort at all.


Free of Cost

There is no cost involved in the consumption of CopyChecker’s plagiarism detector. There are no subscriptions, no payments, and no sign-up requirements on That’s all! Likewise, we have made it free for use with an unlimited attempts option so that our users can check numerous files without paying a single penny or even registering.


Billion Of Web Pages

This tool checks plagiarism of your content through billions of web pages available on the internet. Within seconds, the web page checks for similarity. Within a few seconds, this tool will run across every single piece of content available on the web. Consequently, the report produced by turns out to be the most accurate and up-to-date in terms of plagiarism.


Supports Multiple Documents Formats

One of the best ways to create documents free from plagiarism is by using a tool that supports multiple document formats, including.doc, .docx, .txt, .tex, .rtf, .odt, and.pdf While you can upload documents in any format you need, CopyChecker’s similarity checker will check and find any text that matches with already existing content on the web, and the tool will generate plagiarism search report on its own.


Include URL

Copychecker gives freedom to its users to check plagiarism with the URL of any webpage. This reduces the hassle of copy and pasting the content again and again for finding similarity and making it unique.


Download Report

Plagiarism search reports work as evidence for researchers, supervisors, journalists, etc. So for this purpose, CopyChecker has an in-built option to download the report for record keeping.


Sharing Options

How cool it will be if you directly share the plagiarism search report generated? CopyChecker’s got you covered, that allows you to share the duplicate content checker report anywhere on the internet.


Cloud Compatible is cloud-compatible, which makes it an ideal choice for people who work on the go. With Cloud Compatibility, the user can directly upload files from Dropbox and Google Drive to check plagiarism in a single click.


Local File Uploading Option

This is another feature available in CopyChecker. If you have any files on your local storage, you can directly upload those files to this online plagiarism checker tool.


Percentage Gauge

It serves a great purpose for writers if they can find out the percentage of similarity in their content. In this case, CopyChecker’s online plagiarism checker is well equipped to provide its users with a comprehensive similarity index that indicates the percentage of unique content against copied content. For Instance, the report will indicate 90% Unique if the content is 90% original and 10% Plagiarized.


Sentence-wise Plagiarism Detector

Unlike other plagiarism reports that include only the percentage of similarity, CopyChecker provides a sentence-by-sentence plagiarism index with plagiarised lines clearly marked and non-plagiarised remain unmarked. This creates convenience for writers to check and rewrite only those lines that show similarity.


Highlighted Document View

With this feature, the user can have a complete view of the content in a single document, and plagiarised content will be highlighted in the plagiarism scan report.


Find Matched Sources

CopyChecker allows its users to view sources that have matched their content. In a separate section, you can view text showing similarities with your content along with the URL of the website. This makes it an important feature, especially for researchers and journalists.


One Click Comparison

One of the amazing features of CopyChecker's plagiarism checker is its ability to provide sources of matched sources. The user can click on source URL i.e plagiarised lines and compare to the web pages that have the matched content. So for users, this can help in finding similar content on the internet or finding web pages that copied their original content.


URL Exclude Option

This free plagiarism checker is equipped to check for copied text in selected content. If you want to exclude the content on a specific URL, you can paste the URL into the Exclude URL Box. The tool will not counter the copied content from that URL.

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